Monday, February 9, 2009

The 2009 K-Love Friends & Family Music Cruise

We just recently returned form an extraordinary trip to Miami and Grand Turk Island aboard The 2009 K-Love Friends & Family Music Cruise on The Carnival “Fun Ship” Destiny. Five days and four nights surrounded by fellow Christians and K-Love listeners while enjoying some of today's top contemporary Christian recording artist. During the trip we met and visited with many of the K-Love personalities, Musical Artist and Guest Speakers.

Here’s who all were aboard: Third Day, Mandisa, Matthew West, Phil Wickham, Building 429, Rush of Fools, Sanctus Real, Salvador, Brandon Heath, Nicole C. Mullen, Phil Joel, Denver & The Mile High Orchestra, The Annie Moses Band, 4Him, Degarmo & Key, David Nasser, Karen Kingsbury, Phil Newberry, Lonnie Clouse, Brock Gill, 321 Improve, Bob & Larry from the Veggie Tales, KLove’s Jon, Sherry and Lexi Rivers, Lisa Williams, JD Chandles, and David Pierce.

Here are a few pictures from the cruise. (First, the boys with the guys from Third Day poolside on Grant Turk; Second, Shirley, Debbi and the boys with Brandon Heath on the way back to the ship on Grand Turk).

I would encourage everyone to go on at least one Klove Christian Cruise with your family - This is a FAMILY cruise, no drunken parties, no fowl language, and no crowded and loud casinos, just family friendly entertainment and Christ centered worship. Check out Premier Productions for information on the latest Christian Cruise, Concert or Event in your area.

Here is a short video montage of our Klove Cruise trip.