Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens, RealD 3D vs. Traditional:

With all of the advertising hype for the new movie Monsters vs. Aliens the boys insisted on seeing the movie in 3D and the local theater was only showing the traditional version, so off to the Rave we go on opening day no-less (Friday 3/27), the showing was a total sell out, we’re like in the front row looking straight up, but it wasn’t bad they enjoyed the movie and the 3D was cool even from the front row. There are several more 3D movies coming out this summer so looks like more trips to Little Rock. I don’t know why the local theater doesn't show 3D’s, does it require a special projection system? If so I wish they would get one.  RealD 3D is the new wave in animation and unlike the old time 3D glasses like used with Jaws 3 3D or Friday the 13th Part III 3D (showing my age a little) you know with the red and blue lenses and paper frames which made the movie's colors all weird, the new polarized glasses with plastic frames fit and feel much like sunglasses and let the true color shine right through.

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  1. ok, i didnt really realize there was a big difference in the old 3d glasses and new ones, but i DID actually see 3d for the first time in the new ones! it wasnt monster vs aliens tho....it was something we were watching on tv, i think...so i dont guess it requires special screening bc i certainly don't have a topnotch television! lol